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A Complete Guide to Freestanding Pole Dancing Poles

China Pole Dancing manufacturers - wholesale 2020 high-quality Pole

HELLO POLERS! We deliver pole brands from around the world.

If you're looking for a new workout, consider pole or aerial fitness. Shop our products today to experience these fun and empowering workouts for yourself.

Pole dance equipments and accessories from Alibaba market.

ThePole offers a range of custom-made pole dance poles which meet the needs of all users, in certified stainless steel with different coatings.

Ready to use in seconds, without drilling.

A wide variety of pole dancing poles for home and studio use including freestanding dance poles, spinning dance poles, portable dance poles & more.

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Stainless steel poles - better grip, hygienic and low allergy (good for sensitive skin) Low profile base with full size safety mat - perfect for floor work and stretching Light stable design - Weighs just 29kg (safety mat adds 6kg) No tools required Takes less than 60 seconds to set up Will not damage ceilings or floors Packs easily into the smallest car. Can be carried on taxi, bus, train or plane. Travel Bags INCLUDED for split pole options. (One piece poles excludes pole bag) Can be used ANYWHERE Designed to last with minimal servicing

The strongest poles in the world guaranteed for life. State Of The Art Facility. In Business Since 2001.

Professional Quality Stripper Poles and Dance Poles Order for your Club, Dance Studio, and Home

X-POLE Starter Package - Direct from Manufacturer (XPert 45mm Chrome Spinning/Static Portable Dance Pole + 2oz X-Dry + Instructional DVD) - Buy The Genuine Product from The USA

With over 10000 square feet of Poles, Silk, Hoop, and lounge space, Body & Pole is the largest Pole and Aerial Dance Fitness studio in New York City

Aerial Art will evolve you, make you stronger, and unleash undiscovered parts of you. Regardless of where you start, you will experience you in a new way becoming more aware of your body, your beauty, and your power.

Pole Fitness is an ideal way to combine sport with creativity for the expressive athlete - spectacular spins and choreography, graceful movements and a great deal of fun. The combination of strength training (pole dancing techniques) and cardio training (aerobics) creates a very complete high-impact total body workout.

We are a pole dance and pole fitness studio located at 125 Main Street in Springfield, MA. We offer a variety of classes, ... yes, you can dance with us!

We are a pole dance and pole fitness studio located at 125 Main Street in Springfield, MA. We offer a variety of classes, ... yes, you can dance with us!

Cape Town’s elite pole dance studio, offering group and private pole fitness, pole dance, aerial and stretch classes. The Pole Project was born from a desire to teach the passion and spirit of pole dancing as an exciting way to explore the art of the dance, and as a form of exercise to improve fitness, tone, strength and endurance. Come and visit our “aerial arts playground” where people from all walks of life can train in pole dance as an outlet for their strength, creativity and agility.